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Recently, bugs in the legacy code have been consuming resources that could be used for more important development. You need to define an approach for building tests on the legacy code. You need to achieve this goal without affecting the team’s delivery cadence on the new applications.

Write tests for legacy code between sprints. Implement manual testing for bug fixes to legacy code. Stop new development and write tests for most of the legacy code. Continue development on the new applications, but write tests for any legacy code you work on as part of maintenance. The majority of the test cases explicitly reference WebTest. The test team wants to divide into two independent teams to speed testing, and has indicated that they will likely create a third test tear soon.

You need to define a strategy that provides separate test environments for each team with as little impact on the tests as possible. To answer, move the three appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. Based on: You need separate environments, so need to isolate them.

If you do it on the original machine, after the „copy“ you do not need to do it again. So you better prepare for 3 test environments in short term.

QUESTION 55 Your development team reports that the operations team is not providing sufficient information for the development team to efficiently diagnose problems in production. You need to identify standard data that the operations team should provide when they submit requests to the development team. Which two standard artifacts should you include?

Test impact analysis. Event log information. IntelliTrace configuration file. Performance monitor configuration file. Name of the application, server s , and issue description.

MVC application running in production. The application is experiencing intermittent slowdowns and client disconnections on the application tier. You need to provide detailed execution trace information to the development team. How should you capture this information?

File a bug work item in TFS directly from production. Open the production server event logs in Visual Studio and create a TFS bug work item from the relevant exception messages.

Install and run the IntelliTrace Data Collector on the production application server s. Install and run the IntelliSense Semantics Collector on the production application server s.

You need to monitor your company’s application infrastructure. What should you configure? Event Log data collector B. Configuration Manager C. Application Controller D. IntelliSense collector E. The teams integrate their code into a shared code repository as frequently as possible. You plan to configure a build definition by using the default build process template DefaultTemplate.

You need to know when a check-in from a feature team has broken the build or caused a test to fail, without impacting the feature team. Set the Analyze Test Impact parameter to True in the build process template. Set the build trigger to Continuous Integration and enable automated testing.

Add the Builds check-in policy to your team project. Create a shelveset command for pending changes. Queue a build using the latest source with the shelveset parameter. Stakeholders have blocked out dates and times on their schedules for your team.

The stakeholders are concerned that several of the project requirements will not meet their needs due to changing market conditions. Institute a policy of sign-offs for each requirement and design document. Develop a series of iterative proofs of concept that reflect a partial delivery of requirements and get feedback from the product owner.

Instruct the team to create a comprehensive set of design documents for each layer of the system. Schedule a review with the stakeholders to get their feedback.

Add a primary stakeholder to your team as the product owner. You need to identify which out-of-the-box features you could use to create an end-to-end application lifecycle management ALM solution. Which three features should you use?

Time tracking and budget analysis B. Manual testing C. Unit testing and code coverage D. Requirements management E. The project has not met any of its milestones, and there are early signs that what requested. Each iteration is taking approximately three weeks longer to finish than available is being produced is not what the stakeholders have was scheduled. No more resources will be made You need to reduce the cycle time without impacting commitments.

Reorganize the project team to have all hands working on development tasks until the backlog has been caught up to schedule. Analyze the complexity of the work in progress WIP and determine if there is any way to simplify the tasks. Work with your technical leads to remove any features from the end product that, on paper, make up the difference in project delays.

Then inform the stakeholders what you will patch in later. Create a technical oversight committee that will meet and review all project work and identify areas for improvement for the next cycle.

Identify and remove wait times in the development cycle. You are a scrum master leading a scrum team. Your team is new to Agile and Lean practices. You need to ensure that your team communicates efficiently. Utilize visual controls, such as task boards. Co-locate team members. Document the design of functionality you plan to build. Hold a weekly conference call with the entire team to review the bug list. Discuss issues through an email thread. Conduct daily face-to-face stand-up meetings. The PBI work has been committed to in the upcoming sprint.

You need to ensure that the status of the acceptance tests can be reported from TFS. Store the acceptance test as rows in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and attach the spreadsheet to the PBI work item. Store the acceptance test as rows in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Save the spreadsheet in the associated project portal site and link it to the PBI work items. Create Test case work items. Link the test cases to the PBI work items by using a Tests link type.

Link the PBI work items by using a Parent link type to the test cases. The team has identified all of the acceptance criteria for a new application. This data currently resides in a series of spreadsheets. You need to enter the criteria into TFS for team traceability and tracking. Create test case work items for each criterion in the spreadsheet. Link the test case work items with the work item s for the appropriate requirements.

Create Requirement work items. Create a new task work item for each criterion in the spreadsheet. Set the Triage attribute for each task work item to Information Received. Create a new quality of service test case work item for each criterion in the spreadsheet.

Link the quality of service test case work items with the work item s for the appropriate requirements. Each task has an estimated effort and assigned to a team member. You have limited resources available. Due to external requirements, the start date and end date of the current iteration are fixed. Several of the tasks have dependencies on one another. You need to identify a critical path. Create a query to return the tasks and open the in Microsoft Project, 3. Use Microsoft Project’s Tracking Gantt feature.

Your product owner requests making an internal system public. The request is top priority for the next sprint. You need to determine if the team can commit to the request for the next sprint. You identify the high business value requirements of a project. You need to prioritize the requirements and ensure that the updates are reflected on the TFS reports. Set the Priority to 1 for each of the high-value requirements.

Use Microsoft Project. Set the Stack Rank attribute to Top for each of the high-value requirements. Use the Product Backlog feature. Each of the four locations has approximately six team members. You need to optimize the team’s performance to minimize the impact of the geographic dispersion.

Setup a persistent video conference feed between the locations. Use a phone conference line for daily standups. Use a paper-based planning board and take snapshots of the board after daily standups. Organize the teams into a scrum of scrums, in which each location has a standalone team. Work off of a single product backlog and meet regularly with the leads of each scrum team. Use electronic planning and a shared source control repository so that all team members are using a single set of sources.

You need to create a risk management plan. Which three activities or elements should you include in your plan? Probability assessment B. Assumptions C. Resolution planning D. Impact analysis E. Resource planning F. The product owner has created product backlog items and assigned them to a release. You need to work with the development team to estimate when the release will be completed. Review the product backlog with the Forecast option set to on to determine if the release can be completed based on the team’s velocity.

Have the team create tasks for each item in the product backlog and assign hour estimates to the task. Review the sprint burndown chart. Establish a sprint duration and a sprint velocity. Create enough sprints to complete the release. Estimate effort for each item in the product backlog. You want to define the amount of work the team can commit to for the next sprint of the project.

Visual Studio – download. Unit testing, code coverage and code clone analysis with visual studio japanese. Microsoft Visual Studio Unleashed 2nd Edition. Free Download Microsoft Visual Studio …. Mtm test impact analysis guide. All books are the property of their respective owners. It is used to develop computer programs for Microsoft Windows. Visual Studio is one stop shop for all applications built on the.

Net platform. One can develop, debug and run applications using Visual Studio. Both Forms-based and web-based applications can be designed and developed using this IDE.

Below is a step by step process on how to install Visual Studio. In this tutorial, we will learn how to download Visual Studio for Windows. Visual Studio will start downloading the initial files.

Download speed will vary as per your internet connection. Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Download our professional scrum development with microsoft visu eBooks for free and learn more about professional scrum development with microsoft visu. These books contain exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels! You can download PDF versions of the user’s guide, manuals and ebooks about professional scrum development with microsoft visu , you can also find and download for free A free online manual notices with beginner and intermediate, Downloads Documentation, You can download PDF files or DOC and PPT about professional scrum development with microsoft visu for free, but please respect copyrighted ebooks.

Professional scrum development with microsoft visu List of ebooks and manuels about Professional scrum development with microsoft visu Nr. I look for a PDF Ebook about :.

Professional scrum development with microsoft visu List of ebooks and manuels about Professional scrum development with microsoft visu. Scaled Professional Scrum.



Professional Scrum Development With Microsoft – Free eBook and User Guide Download.

Additional Tools professional editions Why ? Each selected tool is described and put into the context of the Scrum process and implementation of a quality management system. Build to change, instead of building to last.


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