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Have you ever been in a situation where you have been in a situation where you could not make a call because your prepaid balance has been exhausted? Getting a recharge all of a sudden may not be something at times or maybe you are just looking for a free calling utility so that you can call up a mobile number from your PC. Let us check out a few good options that can be used to make calls using an internet connection. These free calling apps from PC to mobile can be quite handy when needed the most.

Here is the select list of the most widely used apps that assist in telephony service from your laptop or PC. Google Voice, coming from Google should be one of the excellent options to make voice and video calls to mobiles from your PC.

In fact, we would treat it as one of the best options to work with your internet telephony requirements. You will need to install the compatible app on your phone to make use of the application. Google Voice will provide you with access to a unique and personalised mobile number, and you can share the number with your friends and contacts.

Google Voice can be used to make free calls and get free SMS as well. You should also be able to get access to conference calls if you need to. What makes it one of the best options to work with any of your devices is it can be used with practically any number across the world.

If you have installed Facebook Messenger on your phone, it can be one of the best options for communicating from your PC to your mobile. The app also supports video calling. The application supports phone calls and video calls between PCs, phones and PC to the app or vice versa.

Do remember, however, that the sender and receiver of the calls should be friends on Facebook. Telegram has been one of the most popular instant messengers and had been quite popular before WhatsApp began ruling the roost. One of the prominent options for use with encrypted messages and voice calls, the app can be your best bet for private calls and messages.

The free voice, text and video calling functionality is available on smartphone operating systems like Android and iOS or even on the PC through the applications for Windows, MacOS and Linux. You just need to add the corresponding number to your Telegram account and application and call them right away. You do not need to be worried about whether the recipient has installed the app or not. You may not be able to call the real phone numbers and can only call each other through telegram.

Line is a social networking application just like Facebook or other similar apps. In fact, the fine line between the social media apps and the communication tools has now gone quite thin, and most of the social media networks have extended the functionality to include phone calls or even video calls.

Line is one such great option and is available on a wide range of platforms. The app, apart from offering you the option of sharing the content with them and finding the updates on your timeline, you should also have access to a free calling functionality with your friends on the network.

You should be able to call the non-Line users for a duration of five minutes, while the calls to the Line users is unlimited. In fact, you can opt for the Line Out feature to call the non-Line users but will need to watch ads for the purpose.

This is one of the most wonderful options to make calls from your PC to your phone. The app does supports free PC to phone calls, text messages and video chats. The app is browser-based and lets you make free calls easily to practically any number from across the world. The best part with the application is it lets you work from within your browser and does not need you to create an account. Of course, the app does come with a limitation wherein you would only be able to make calls for just around a few minutes.

There is a limit on the number of calls you would be able to make per IP address. Do note that the calls received on the recipient number will not provide information on your identity. The call details are displayed as Unknown. While this can be a good option for enhancing your privacy levels, it may also be used by the antisocial elements for their own benefit. Those were a few good options for the applications that can be used for making free internet calls from your PC to a mobile number.

Do note that most of these methods rely on the social media platform and may not work unless the sender and receiver are connected through some sort of network compatibility. While we have taken extreme care in listing out the best apps to call mobile numbers from PC, it may not be easy to assess the functionality in all cases.

The factors like network compatibility, ISP settings and a host of other restrictions may make a few applications not work in some isolated. Timmappa Kamat is interested in technology and allied subjects and loves sharing the knowledge through the tech-savvy websites as a freelancer. He has been involved in providing content for a host of technology-based sites on day to day topics in the tech arena.

Fond of gadgets and gizmos, he loves working with different apps, tools and software and sharing the knowledge with the world at large.

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This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy, I may receive a small commission. Please see my full disclosure policy for details. Getting free internet for life is easy now. This article lays out everything you must know to make that happen and save money, too. How can I get free public WiFi at home? I will detail how to get free internet services at home are to save money today. What are the benefits of reading this article? If you read the article from start to end, then, you’ll know the following important things:.

There are other tricks to get your free public wifi from home. To get a free wi-fi, just turn on the hotspot option and you now can connect other devices. Also, contact your cable provider if you have one. Sometimes, they include free Wi-Fi hotspots with your subscription services. If you live in a city or close to the hotspots, you could literally get your wifi internet for free. You could spend that on food check grocery list apps to save you money or invest the money, and it let it grow for years.

You can find free or get that for free legally. Be on the lookout for scams when trying to get available free internet services or wifi. Scam sites will entice you to a free access in exchange for valuable, personal information. When you find these, don’t proceed.

That said, there are legit tricks to get free access or wi-fi. Read those below! But you can really get free internet at home without paying a dime free monthly.

Believe it or not, there are free internet hacks to help you get net access for free. All you need is to take advantage of or use the things that you already have. If you have an internet connection, chances are you are watching videos online, searching over the internet, making purchases, among others. In that case, you might as well get paid for doing those. Literally, you use your web browser to search online, connect to a social media platform, or visit YouTube and get points redeemable for cash, and use that money to pay for your internet bill.

You can do that with Swagbucks. Actually, as I am typing this sentence, Swagbucks is paying me because I run one of its videos in the background.

Our secret is taking paid online surveys with our free time. All you need to do is share your opinion. Taking surveys is FREE, and you can use your survey money to pay for your internet. The great thing? Imagine yourself voicing your opinions and getting paid at the same time. Here are some of the best survey sites to make money that people search all the time:.

There are still just those few things you have right now that only need some tweaking. Sure, you have a phone and data plan per month.

You can access the internet just by using your phone. The reality is you still pay for that data plan. FreedomPop sends you a wireless router, which you can use as your connection point.

Just turn on the device, and you can easily access the internet right away. Some of these benefits include:. The cost starts at ZERO dollars. Yes, it has FREE data and internet plans you can take advantage of now. With it, you may not need public Wi Fi, or free WiFi hotspots to access the net. No other carriers can beat that. Click here to use FreedomPop and save money and learn how to get free data you want. Get free internet services or access now. Click here for the Mint Sim review and share it to your friends.

Do you know how to get free wireless internet using an app? It is, by far, the best choice when you are on travel and still need access to the internet. For its free version, the app only allows you to search for free spot within a 2. From there, you can get that public WiFi network hotspot. As a starter, try to reduce your bills by cutting out unnecessary expenses, reducing necessary bills like grocery bills, downgrading services, finding cheaper alternatives, among others.

See how to save money on groceries here. Trim will analyze your spending, find subscriptions to cancel, negotiate your bills, among others.

Check my Trim Review here. Click here to use Trim now. Get online now and start using this app. EveryoneOn is a nonprofit that creates social and economic opportunities by connecting everyone through the internet. The site is user-friendly and can help you determine if you qualify for or can get free internet access. When using any of the free internet hacks found here, still make sure that you don’t provide any personal identifiable information unless required by law.

Get online but don’t give anything sensitive. Try each one of them to see which ones will work in your favor. For sure, they have a wireless network. You can also offer free of something like a service in exchange for sharing their internet. If you live in an apartment complex setting, using this trick will work as the internet signal will reach from one apartment to another. If you live in an area where houses are far apart, you are out of luck since the signal will be weak by the time it gets to you.

Typically, you still have a data plan before someone or even you can use a wi-fi hotspots. For the most part, cell phone service plans — typically unlimited data, call for free plan — are paid by the company. When I say traditional, go to places where public, free internet access or services are still offered up to this day. Almost all establishments especially bars, coffee shops, and restaurants offer free WiFi and connect you to it without a hassle.

Check them out. It offers free public WiFi, and you can also use computers there for free. That said, a public or private free internet service can come in handy when you need them. Need to learn how to get free internet service per month? Actually, there are also a lot of ways to get it like going to the coffee shops, libraries, etc. It used to be that you could get free internet calls.

Which of these free internet hacks or companies that offer free access are you using or going to try? Check and connect with hem out now. Now, he enjoys sharing his thoughts and experience on saving money, making money, paying off debt, and budgeting. Read more. Your email address will not be published. Allan is a recognized personal finance expert and founder of The Practical Saver. Subscribe to my mailing list to receive updates direct to your inbox! We did that with trick-less, simple, effective money management that most people tend to overlook.

Home Save money. January 20, The Practical Saver Pro Tip. This post is categorized into three sections: Easy tricks on how to get free data or public wifi without paying Relatively easy ways to get service or wi-fi from internet service providers without paid plans Other tips and tricks to get free internet legally Ways On How To Get Free Data Believe it or not, there are free internet hacks to help you get net access for free. Read on and take good notes as well. Get in the habit If you have an internet connection, chances are you are watching videos online, searching over the internet, making purchases, among others.

Here are some ideas to help everyone save money when the internet charge is high: Determine what speed you need. Netflix even recommends a speed of 5Mbps for streaming HD videos. The lower the speed service you get, the lower the price of your bill. Please find out what your options are, compare them against each other, and negotiate. Buy your own modem and router. Providers will tell everything to convince you to rent out their equipment e. Please just say no and leave it alone.


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