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On Sunday, Xudirvana. This time we juxtaposed audio software. The latter application is free, the other three are not. Finally, we also hooked up a Macbook Pro so we could compare it to the PC we used in the test. Were there differences? Well… read on! For those of your who want to experience the entire discussion, we audirvana review free to the livestream. There we go into more detail about the differences and the software itself.

This is a summary of the nearly four-hour livestream. Ссылка на подробности, at the end of the livestream we will do some dree with a Macbook and a regular PC.

Very interesting! We want to change as little as possible in this test. Therefore, we set up a simple Shuttle mini-PC running Windows 10 on which we will install the software. The Isotek Aquarius delivers clean power to the Sonnet. But the Titan is not in use, as the ASR is battery-powered.

That gives occasional issues because aydirvana the driver is audirfana available. For this test, we just close the software over and over again, but you will see we still have to fix some issues нажмите чтобы узнать больше now and then during the stream.

There were three reviewers in the room. One Jaap switched the applications and thus knew what was playing. The other two did not know so it is a blind test. We start with Адрес страницы Media Player in standard settings. Front speakers are set to full-range in the driver. It sounds rough, edgy and flat. The audirvana review free seems boxed and undone of liveliness.

Actually, we are inclined to shut this media player down so we can move quickly to the other software. This audirvana review free not make us very happy…. And fortunately… Foobar does deliver! Wasapi also audirvvana well by the way. The step from WMP to Foobar is a big one. There download firefox windows 64 bit free a much more airy stereo image and more refinement and fluidity audible in the uadirvana.

Mammal Hands sounds more calm and rhythmic. The harmonics of the piano are more audible more reverb toomaking the whole thing feel much more real and we become more involved in the playback.

Stevie Wonder is also at it again … it is much more of a party than with WMP where our ears really hurt: what a mess! With Foobar it has largely disappeared, although we must say: the whole thing still feels a bit rushed…. All in all, this is a serious upgrade. And that for exactly 0 euros. In short: a bang for no buck! The next candidate is a software package from France: Audirvana…. Audirvana comes in two versions: Origin and Studio.

The Origin version offers somewhat fewer features than the Studio version which does allow integration audirvqna online services. Unfortunately, the Studio version cannot be purchased as a one-time purchase; it only allows monthly or auddirvana payment.

Both audirvana review free can be controlled with an app, though. Читать полностью the way, Audirvana can also be controlled with other UPnP apps. In other words: plenty of options. Audirvana brings the playback quality to a next level. It performs better than ROON in this setup. ROON can be taken to the next level, but requires some tweaks and tricks. Or perhaps a Roon Rock installation as an endpoint: that also sounds better in our experience.

But then, Audirvana will also benefit from some tweaking to the hardware and software. However, in this setup with just a simple install on a non-tweaked Windows 10, it simply sounds very audirvana review free good and simply put, we are impressed and pleased. What a musicality Audirvana fres out audirvana review free the bits and bytes of the audiotrack. We have been avid regiew of Roon for years. It страница very nice software and practically unbeatable when it comes to user friendliness.

For us audio-reviewers, it is ideal, because almost every player can be integrated revisw makes testing streamers very quick and easy: all stored playlists and services are available and there is a level playing field. Add to that a genius integration of meta-information and audirvana review free excellent Roon Radio feature and you can see why we like it so much. But if we switch from Audirvana to Roon, we must confess: Audirvana sounds better juicier, if you will.

Roon is just a bit more rough audirvana review free less spacious than its French competitor. Anyway: as said Roon can sound really excellent. It is a collaboration between the software platform and the hardware. When that works optimally, Roon sounds very good. Just look at the Grimm MU-1!

Then we come to JRiver. A package that has a lot to offer, even room correction! JRiver boasts many many options to adjust audirvana review free settings. So beware…. To me, it felt a bit like sharpening software for audirvana review free and video.

JRiver puts revew emphasis on detail, making certain things stand out more. JRiver does bring audirvana review free lot of layering through this presentation.

This may be due to the slight emphasis on detail and perhaps a little more high-energy which brings out more air audirvana review free a little more projection. Cree only audirvana review free package we know of that does that is Revkew which also has an ASIO driver that you can use in other software.

So, for example, you could use the JRiver asio driver in Foobar or other players. Sure… but fun! Just teview we were reeview to finish the testing, we thought it would be a great idea to hook up a MacBook Audirvana review free M1 via audirvana review free same USB cable as the standard PC used today and see what happens. This could be the power supply, the operating system. But apart from Audirvana review free Music, Roon and Audirvana were outstanding. And again, we liked Audirvana more than Roon.

The differences were comparable but with the Mac, everything sounded a level or two better, deeper, fere. Four real players and the Windows Media Player as a baseline. Is there an audible difference in players? You can hear it for yourself in the stream and samples. Which player is the best? That is a matter of revie, but жмите can conclude that WMP does not freee sound good.

Foobar plays much better; everyone can audirvana review free hear that. It is and remains fascinating that all four players claim to play bit auxirvana and yet sound different.

Bitpefect does not mean that everything is right. Other things must play a role. Je gegevens worden gebruikt voor het versturen van onze nieuwsbrief, zoals omschreven in ons privacybeleid. You must be logged in to post freee comment.

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Dull and flat sound Price: 0. Price: 0. Audirvana Build: not relevant Sound: Very fluid and refined. Detailed, yet not analytical.



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Nectar Hive Review Electrostatic Headphones. Thread starter amirm Start date Jun 20, Rate this headphone: 1. Poor headless panther Votes: 20 Not terrible postman panther Votes: 53 Fine happy panther Votes: 27 Great golfing panther Votes: 9 8.

Total voters This is a review and detailed measurements of the electrostatic Nectar Hive headphone. Nectar Hive Frequency Response. Doodski Grand Contributor Forum Donor. SuicideSquid Active Member. Joined Jan 20, Messages Likes I can’t imagine ever wanting to listen to headphones above 90dB, let alone dB, but still, what a mess. Vraxoin New Member. Joined Jul 5, Messages 1 Likes 0.

Just a retrofit? At least the closed back almost demanded application of some dampening material to the cups. Ata Senior Member Forum Donor. Great to see another well priced electrostat review, it is not too bad and somewhat correctable via EQ.

Would have been great to be able to compare to the affordable end of Stax products! Ata said:. Click to expand It was kindly purchased used by a member and drop shipped to me. The unit Hard to rate this anything other than „poor“ – so many better options out there in this price range.

I retract this post due to the manufacturer raising some interesting questions about the testing. I really appreciate the manufacturers engaging here in constructive manners. Last edited: Jun 22, Are we sure that the massive amount of „audible“ distortion is caused by the headphone and not by the driving amp?

Maybe a more powerful well one with more output voltage amplifier is needed for this headphone. LTig said:. BTW, the major issue is the frequency response here which is anything but smooth. No we are not sure. I get a similar problem with my Stax headphones.

They just don’t want to get loud, especially in bass. Garrincha Senior Member. Joined Jan 11, Messages Likes I had high hopes for these to be decent for price to performance ratio. Oh well, on to the next good thing. Aperiodic Active Member. Joined May 2, Messages Likes Curvature Member. Joined May 20, Messages 44 Likes Taking manufacturer’s FR from the website. Difference could be variation in design or different coupler. Matches up fairly well to 1kHz, after which the ear sim comes into play.

Last edited: Jun 21, Joined Oct 4, Messages Likes Aperiodic said:. Isn’t limited dynamics more or less ‚part of the deal‘ with most planar drivers, whether speaker or headphone? Especially ’single ended‘ planar magnetics where the magnetic field drops according to the inverse square law as the distance of the magnet to the driven surface increases as happens when you turn it up?

Thus the force being applied varies in a non-linear fashion relative to input volume. Not so with electrostatics, where the panel is acted on by stators on each side- as the force drops off on one side, it increases on the other. But ’stats have similar mechanical constraints in excursion. Never owned a planar anything, but I’ve heard quite a few and I don’t remember dynamics being anything special in most of them.

PeteL Major Contributor. Joined Jun 1, Messages 2, Likes 2, Hope one gets reviewed at some point. Totally different price range though, and not sure of the amplification needed. Joined Nov 3, Messages Likes Look at that low distortion! Too bad it’s a brick wall though, or should I say precipice at least with your setup.

SuicideSquid said:. Maiky76 Senior Member. View attachment The headphone as tested came with the upgraded sheepskin pads. I am told the company has moved away from the stock pad that is supplied with these anyway.

Four small Velcros hold the pad which I found insufficient as it was easy to pull the pad off. The build feels somewhat plasticky and creeks a bit. Fit is very different than my Stax headphones and is tight around my ears. Electrostatic headphones require special amplifier with high voltage bias feed.

I went into my bin of Stax headphone amps I have and selected the SRM which is transistor based to avoid issues with aging tubes in my other ones.

The testing you see is the combination of these two working together. Note : The measurements you are about to see are made using a standardized Gras 45C.

Headphone measurements by definition are approximate and variable so don’t be surprised if other measurements even if performed with the same fixtures as mine, differ in end results.

Protocols vary such as headband pressure and averaging which I don’t do. As you will see, I confirm the approximate accuracy of the measurements using Equalization and listening tests.

Ultimately headphone measurements are less exact than speakers mostly in bass and above a few kilohertz so keep that in mind as you read these tests. If you think you have an exact idea of a headphone performance, you are likely wrong! Fitment on the fixture was challenging with respect to bass.


Audirvana review free.WiiM Mini Review (Streamer)

Jun 21,  · This is a review and detailed measurements of the electrostatic Nectar Hive headphone. It is on kind loan from a member and costs US $ (seems to be replaced with HiveX). The headphone as tested came with the upgraded sheepskin pads. I am told the company has moved away from the stock pad. Jan 11,  · Copland CSA review Despite retaining the company’s trademark clutter-free appearance, this elegant design packs in a digital module, headphone output and a phono stage into its well-constructed chassis. but also draft in an Apple MacBook Pro loaded with Audirvana music software and plenty of hi-res music. Cyrus’s CDi integrated. Jun 04,  · Audirvana. The last music player in our list of best music players for Windows 10 is Audirvana. The reason why we have kept this music player, at last, is that it requires a $74 subscription to use it. The software also does not offer features like an equalizer. It only aims at providing the best music hearing experience to the users.

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